Application Form Upload Area

You can upload the following documentation below:

  1. Customer Reference List (Containing at Least Three References)
  2. CV’s of Owners and Management
  3. Organogram
  4. Certified ID copies of Owners
  5. Certified Matric Certificate or Certificate of Highest Grade Completed of Owners
  6. Proof of PAYE Registration
  7. Proof of UIF Registration
  8. Proof of VAT Registration
  9. Proof of SDL Registration
  10. Proof of Ownership (Share Certificates / Agreements)
  11. Six Months’ Bank Statements
  12. Signed Declaration of Conflict of Interest

Important Notice:

  • Please name your files properly ( for instance Owner ID  =  ownerid.pdf ).
  • Please note that the size of your documents cannot exceed 2 Mb.
  • We split the upload area in 3 sections to minimize the size of the files that is to be uploaded.
  • We suggest that you upload one section at a time (unless you have fast internet)
  • When you click SUBMIT it might look like nothing is happening when in fact the files is uploading  but due to the size of the uploads it might take some time to complete.
  • If your files are too big we suggest that you use the WeTransfer file transfer system which can be found at

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