Application Area


You can apply by submitting the following documentation at

  1. Company Profile
  2. Proof of Bank Account
  3. B-BBEE Certificate/Sworn Affidavit for EME/QSE (Confirming annual turnover bracket and level of black ownership)
  4. Tax Clearance Certificate
  5. Letter of Good Standing (Issued by the Department of Labour)
  6. Company Registration Form (CIPC)
  7. VAT Registration Form (If Relevant)

Please indicate your business name in the email subject. After submission of the above-mentioned documentation, you will receive a formal application form, upon which a selection process will follow.


You can submit the required documentation as listed above here and download the Application Form here.

Application Form

Only applications of  companies who have responded to the RFI and submitted the required documentation will be considered.

If you have not yet responded to the RFI – please click here.


Only companies who have submitted ALL the required documentation and completed the Application Form will be considered for the Khumo Programme and the completion of the application form does not automatically include your company in the programme.

Successful applicants will be contacted. Profiles and supporting documentation will be reviewed in line with Khumani’s Preferential Procurement Standard procedures and preference will be given to local qualifying businesses with 51% or more black ownership.